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roller core barrel

As an alternative to the percussive drill, a roller core barrel can be used to break up hard rocks. This tool is more energy-efficient than a percussion drill.

Percussive core barrel requires less energy than a percussive drill

Hole-drilling with a roller core barrel has some advantages over using a percussive or rotary drill. The roller core barrel takes less energy to penetrate rock, resulting in fewer blowouts and reduced wear on the rig.

It is also much simpler to load. A roller core barrel can take use of a bulk loading mechanism, unlike a percussive drill. Additionally, it can be utilized in a variety of patterns. Included are rocks with a high compressive strength.

Using a tri roller to bore a hole is an excellent method for reducing drilling rig expenses. In terms of performance, a roller core barrel's bit-sized hole is capable of breaking rocks with an average diameter of 7 3/8 to 7 7/8 inches. Given that traditional rotary tools are limited to rocks with compressive strengths of less than 100 MPa, this is remarkable.

In many ways, the tri roller rig has surpassed the rotary drill in terms of productivity. For instance, a tri roller rig can complete a pile in a single day, whereas a standard rotary rig would require two or three days.

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