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Underground Diaphragm Wall Hydraulic Grab (UDW GHG) is a well stimulation technique used to increase oil and gas production from tight formations. It has been used in North America for over 50 years. UDW GHG is a two-stage drilling process that starts with the placement of a perforated pipe assembly into the formation. This assembly contains a central hydraulic cylinder connected to a series of lateral nozzles that spray water, sand, and mud into the formation. In this blog post, we will explore some of the potential benefits of UDW GHG and what you need to know before initiating this well stimulation technique. We will also provide an overview of the two-stage drilling process and discuss some of the potential challenges that can arise.

What is an Underground Diaphragm Wall Hydraulic Grab?

An underground diaphragm wall grab is a type of hydraulic excavator used to remove material from an excavated area. The machine uses the pressure of the water flowing through the grab to break up and remove the soil and rocks from the excavation.

The underground grab can be used in a variety of applications, including construction, mining, and farming. The machine is typically mounted on an articulated arm that allows it to move freely around the excavation. The arm also has a number of tools that allow it to break up and remove large chunks of rock or soil.

The underground diaphragm wall hydraulic grab is one of the most common types of machines used in excavation. It is fast, efficient, and able to handle a wide range of excavation tasks.

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The Hydraulic Grab

Underground Diaphragm Wall Hydraulic Grab

The hydraulic grab uses a hydraulic system to lift large rocks and debris from the ground. The grab can be used for removing objects from underground tunnels, mines, or other tight spaces. The grab has a diaphragm wall that seals off the chamber containing the hydraulic system. When activated, the system forces water through the wall and into the chamber. This creates a vacuum which pulls the object or rock out of the ground.


Underground diaphragm wall hydraulic grab is an innovative hydropower technology that has the potential to provide a sustainable and environmentally friendly source of energy. The technology uses a series of underground diaphragm walls to harness the power of flowing water.

Underground diaphragm wall hydraulic grabs use a series of underground diaphragm walls to create a powerful flow of water. This flow of water is then used to generate electricity. The technology has the potential to provide a sustainable and environmentally friendly source of energy.

The benefits of using this technology include its ability to create power without causing environmental damage, its low impact on the environment, and its ability to provide uninterrupted power production. Additionally, the technology has the potential to reduce the need for fossil fuels, which could have negative consequences for both the environment and human health.


There are many benefits to using an underground hydraulic grab as a means of accessing inaccessible or difficult-to-reach areas. These advantages include:

1. Underground hydraulic grabs can be used in tight spaces, making them ideal for use in challenging environments.
2. The grab can be configured in a variety of ways to best suit the needs of the user. This means that it can be adapted to different types of terrain and obstacles, making it particularly suited for use in difficult or hard-to-access areas.

3. The grab can be easily operated with minimal training or technical expertise, making it an ideal solution for applications where precision is required.
4. Underground hydraulic grabs are relatively low-cost and easy to maintain, meaning they can be used on a regular basis without requiring significant investment or maintenance.

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