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Auger drill rig

Auger drilling rigs are versatile piece of equipment that can be used for a variety of purposes in the oil and gas industry. From extracting oil to drilling down into reservoirs, this machine is an essential part of any drilling operation. If you’re looking to buy or lease an auger drill rig, read on for information on the different types available and how they can benefit your business. You don’t want to make any unnecessary investments, so be sure to take advantage of the information in this article.

What is an auger drill rig?

An auger drill rig is a machine that uses augers to feed the drill bit into the earth. The drill bit rotates and cuts through the soil, allowing the worker to extract resources from below ground. Gas, oil, and sewage lines are frequently installed by the construction industry via auger drill bit drilling. The grade of the drilled hole must be exact for these lines. Because drilling is more precise than hand digging or blasting, this kind of digging is favored. A unique variation of an auger drill bit is one with a hollow stem. Typically, these hollow drill bits are employed in environmental drilling for water and soil testing. Special drill rods can pass through the middle of the hollow stem drill bit. This makes it possible to collect undisturbed water or soil samples.

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