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What is water well drill rod steel?

November 22,2022

Water well drill rod plays an important role in the whole water well drilling string. It is used to transfer the torque and force from the rig to the below attached drilling tools such as drill bits. It also can be used as extension rods as the water well drill rod with different length can be linked together through the tool joint to drill deeper, In the down to hole drilling method, the drilling string can be composed of drill rod, dth hammer and bits that are widely used in water well drilling.

The water well drill rod is made of seamless steel tube and there are female/male joint on both end of tube.

The joints are made of high quality alloy steel and processed by CNC machine under international standards such as API SPEC. Through the friction welding technology, the joints are welded to the steel tube that strengthen the drill rod with long service life.

Water well drill rod is available in different length and diameter and thickness of tube varies with its diameter. Below are the common diameter and API thread of water well drill rod for ref:

Pipe OD: 76mm/89mm/102mm/114mm/127mm/140mmJoints thread: API 2 3/8’’ REG/ API 2 7/8’’ REG/API 3 1/2’’ REG/API 4 1/2” REG/ 4”FH

In order to install and switch the drill rod conveniently, there is trigger slot on the drill rod.

Sometimes the joints of the water well drill rod don’t match with the drill rig’s adaptor, then a customized adaptor can help to solve this kind of problem. The adaptor can be produced with customized threads that correspond with drill rod and drill rig. With the customized adaptor, different types of drill rods can be attached to the drill rig.

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