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What is the application of piling segmented casings and liners?

October 17,2022

Piling segmented casingsand liners play an important role in cased bored pile and they are widely used in foundation and civil engineering work, especially drilling in unstable soil condition. The main purpose of the application of segmental casing is to prevent the hole from collapsing. The segmental casing can be installed or extracted by a drilling rig or acasing oscillator. In order to seat the casing, the Kelly bar would usually attach a casing twister to transfer torque and crowd to the casing and advance it into the underlying soil or rock. In order to help the casing to cut into the underlying formation, the end of the casing is usually equipped with casing shoe which install various types of cutting teeth according to the hardness of soil formation.

Segmented casing can be classified into temporary casing and permanent casing. Temporary casings are screw-jointed steel lining which will be removed from the hole once concretes are poured into the hole and reached the desired level. permanent casings are used with the same purpose except that they are retained in place.


Kimdrill’s segmented casing is produced as either double wall casing tube or single wall casing tube. Both are the idea choice in the cased bored piles and double wall casing tube is especially designed for the complex soil conditions including rocks and boulder. For the double wall casing tube, we make its body with an outer wall thickness of 12-20mm and an inner wall thickness of 8-16mm varies with the casings size and the high quality reinforcing bars are retained between the inner and outer wall. In order to increase the strength, we adopt the ring casting alloy steel 25CrMo to produce the casing joint that all undergo heat treatment and then precisely machined. We always stick to adopt high quality steel Q355B and the advanced technology in line with international standards to manufacture the segmented casing that can perfectly match up with rotary drill rig such as Bauer, Soilmec, Mait, Casagrande etc.

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