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What is the advantage of displacement auger piling and how the displacement auger works?

October 17,2022

If a foundation work is required to minimize the spoil and lower noise, thedisplacement auger pilingis an ideal solution. Comparing to the traditional auger cast piles which often use a CFA (continuous flight auger) to drill in soil formation, displacement auger piling uses a displacement auger to drill into loose and medium dense granular soils or soft cohesive strata without soil removal,especially ideal for environmentally sensitive areas.

How does the displacement work?

Using a displacement auger to drilling into the compact soil to the desired depth and then extracted the auger, the concrete is poured throughout the internal hollow pipe. The steel reinforcement cage is finally lowered into the fresh concrete. To make sure the high standard of pile construction, a camera is used to monitor all aspects of installation process and it also helps to minimize the concrete wastage.


Advantages of auger displacement piling

• Minimum amount of spoil material.
• No shock and vibration during pile execution.
• No supporting fluid also in loose soils.
• Higher bearing capacity than LDP and CFA piles.
• Reduced concrete consumption.
• High daily production rate.

Kimdrill can produce the displacement auger from diameter 300mm to diameter 800mm and different length is available to meet client’s requirement. According to soil strata, the auger can be equipped with various type of teeth. Besides the auger, we also can provide the extension rod to work with it that the max drilling depth is up to 25m.
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