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What is symmetric overburden casing system in dth hammer drilling?

February 20,2023

Structure of Symmetric overburden casing system 

Symmetric overburden casing system consists of a central pilot bit, ring bi (reamer), casing shoe and casing pipe. It can drill a hole at any angle (including horizontal) which max drilling depth can even reach 150m.

Application of symmetric overburden casing system

Suitable for anchoring projects as it can drill at any angle and without any restriction of geological condition

Suitable for well drilling and foundation piling, especially micro pile work as it bore hole straight and fast

Feature of symmetric overburden casing system

A.Drilling a hole straight, rapidly and deeply at any angle, the max hole depth can be up to 150m

B.Simple structure and easy to operation,

C.As It can be operated with less torque of the drilling rig , it can be applied to the drilling rig of small torque to drill a large hole;

Symmetric overburden casing system are powered by DTH hammer to cut into soil formation and borehole. While drilling into the soil, the attached casing pipes slide down to the hole in case of collapsing.