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What is rotary auger drilling and hollow stem auger drilling?

November 22,2022

rotary auger drilling

Rotary auger drilling is a kind of drilling method that utilizes a flight auger to bore a hole and extract material from the ground. When used a rotary auger for drilling, the auger drill bits drill into the soil first and then dirt moves upward as the screw is driven into the ground. Rotary auger drilling can bore a hole in many sizes from very small (less than 150mm) to large (more than 3000mm). The small augers can be attached to tractors or excavator and use the vehicle's motor to run the auger and the large augers can be attached to rotary drilling rigs. As auger drilling is largely free from vibration and noise, it can be widely used in many different projects.

Rotary auger drilling for deep foundation engineering 

It uses a piling flight auger attached to the kelly bar of the rotary drilling rigs to bore a hole that diameter varies from 500mm-3000mm. During the drilling, the kelly bar transfer the torque and force to the piling auger to advance the auger drilling into the soil. When lifting the piling auger, the dirt on the flight can be dumped. According to the soil condition, the piling auger can equip with different types of auger bits to advance the drilling speed. For example, a tapered rock auger with round shank chisel is suited to drill in the rock formation and clay auger with flat teeth is suitable to drill in the soft soil or silt.

hollow stem auger drilling

As its name implies, hollow stem auger drilling utilizes a hollow stem auger that is attached to the drilling rig to drill, sample soil borings and install monitoring wells. It is proven to be a reliable drilling method that widely used in environmental drilling for soil testing and water testing purposes.

Photo of rotary auger for deep foudation

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