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Wearing parts of teeth for drilling buckets and auger

September 06,2022

Wearing parts of teeth for drilling buckets and auger

Rock bucket teeth

Rock bit B47K17.5H/B47K19.5H: drilling in the mudstone with fast speed.

Rock teeth B47K22H is widely used to drilling in the rock formation between 70 to 90Mpa with long service life.

Bullets B47K22H with eight carbide stripes: suitable for the 40-90Mpa highly, medium weathered sandstone, red sandstone, gravel, etc. The carbide stripes on the teeth can improve the body’s wear resistance.

Bullets B47K22H with 14pcs carbide beans: suitable for the 50-90Mpa pebbles, mudstone, shale, gneiss, conglomerate, etc. The carbide beans on the teeth can protect the body when drilling and help to extend the bit’s service life.

Bullets B47K25H: can be drilled in the 80-120Mpa hard rock, granite, gneiss, bluestone, dolomite, etc. It’s more widely equipped on the rock core barrel to take the hard rock out.

Small teeth C31

Comparing to the B47K series rock teeth, C31 looks much smaller. So more C31 teeth will be equipped on the same rock bucket/auger and it can make the bucket/auger drill faster. It’s widely used in the CFA auger and the auger for MIDI drilling.

Flat teeth BFZ72: suitable to drill in the 30-70Mpa highly, medium weathered sandstone, mudstone, red sandstone, and the body of this teeth has greater resistance to the wear.

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We stick to use best raw materials to manufacture all the bits that can guarantee the good performance of the bit. Our drill bits are made up of high quality steel 42CrMo and the alloy of the teeth are purchased from the famous steel factories in China. If you have any interests, welcome to contact our sales to apply the free sample for testing.

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