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Tungsten carbided flat auger bit for hard soil drilling

February 20,2023

The wear parts we usually used in deep foundation drillingprojects include round shank chisel, flat cutter with tunsten carbide, clay teeth, welding bar, roller bit, rock pilot , fish tail and so on.

The flat auger bit FZ series are made of steel 42Crmo and tungsten carbide, and the holder is made of steel 40Cr. The carbide bit inserted on cutting edge is wear-resistant which performs well in abrasive soil drilling, soft rock drilling for heavy duty applications. Our flat cutters FZ70/FZ72/FZ79/FZ80 and holder BHR73 are with high efficiency for drilling and long service life.

Cutter’s body material: 42Crmo

Cutter’s bit material: Tungsten Carbide

Hardness: HRC42~46

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