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The innovative technology of automatic casing driver (AUTO CDA) in foundation piling

September 25,2023

The introduction of automatic casing driver/ casing adaptor (AUTO CDA)

2 casing adaptor (AUTO CDA)

       AUTO CDA, is short forautomatic casing drive adaptor, which also called automatic casing twister. It is an innovative connection system that connect casing drive adaptor and casing pipe automatically. Traditional casing drive adaptor is mechanical type and it requires the operator’s manual connection which would bring potential risk to the operator. Now automatic casing adaptor is able to solve this problem and it represents an innovation in the cased pile construction.


The advantage of automatic casing driver/ casing adaptor (AUTO CDA)

1.Automatic casing drive adaptor (AUTO CDA) can be compatible with any type of piling rigs and casing pipes from different suppliers. Traditional casing drive adaptor need to be customized to match with piling rig’s cardan joint and casing joints of casing pipe while automatic casing drive adaptor can be used on all drilling rigs.2.    Improving safety of operator in the foundation jobsite.

2.As the mechanical casing drive adaptor is usually connected with segmental casings by casing bolting, it is required a worker using a device such as ladder to join the casings by manual. That has potential risk for the worker slipping or falling down due to the muddy ground or unstable ladder. But with automatic locking system of this casing drive adaptor, manual connection can be avoided.

3.Speed up the casing drilling operation and make it more productive

Actually coupling the casings by manual is not only dangerous for the operator, but also a waste of time to couple the male joint with female joints. Automatic casing drive adaptor can make it easy and fast.