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The application of Submerged Arc Welding (SAW) in the production of rotary casing tube

June 14,2024

What is submerged arc welding ( SAW)

Submerged arc welding  is an automated welding method with a high welding speed, particularly suitable for welding long straight seams. The key feature of SAW is the use of a granular flux that covers the weld area.


Here are the key components and steps in SAW:

· Electrode: A continuously fed consumable electrode.

· Flux: A granular material that is poured onto the weld area, which melts to form a protective layer over the weld.

· Arc Formation: The electric arc forms between the electrode and the workpiece, generating the heat needed for welding.

· Weld Pool: The arc melts the base material and the electrode, forming a molten weld pool.

· Solidification: The weld pool cools and solidifies to form the weld joint.

Adopting SAW to produce the rotary casing pipe

Kimdrill  has focused on casing tools over 10 years, up to now our factory has a range of professional automatic machines to process the rotary casing pipe. Submerged Arc Welding have been carried out to the whole production of casing pipe, from welding the body of casing pipe to welding the bolted joints to tube, which can guarantee our welding quality at high level.