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Rotary auger bored piling

September 06,2022

Rotary auger bored piling

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The rotary auger bored piling is the foundation solution using a conventional kelly bar and auger system. Connecting the Kelly bar by Kelly box, the rotary auger can drill into soft soil, stiff clays or rock layers. According to the soil condition, the auger can be equipped with different kinds of teeth such as rock teeth B47K, soil teeth 25T, hard clay teeth BFZ72 etc. The length, the diameter and the shape of rotary auger can be customized to meet the requirements in projects. Generally speaking, the tapered auger can drill faster and the flat auger can help to take more soil out. For some MIDI drilling or limited drilling, the short tapered auger with C31 teeth is suitable due to the faster drilling speed.


For the rock auger, it's equipped with the pilot with 4pcs bits on the end of the auger which is convenient to replace; For the soil auger, there is a fish tail on the end of auger. Welding lines on the spiral can improve the auger wear resistance. The central tube of the auger comes from seamless steel tube and its size and thickness depend on the size of auger.

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