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Rotary Drilling Buckets in deep foundation work

September 05,2022

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Drilling buckets are widely used in the deep foundation work. With different purposes, there are rock bucket, soil bucket, clean bucket, open-type drilling bucket and belling bucket.

rock drilling bucket: Drilling in medium to weak rock and in very dense sand and gravel with round chisel B47K/C31HD.

soil bucket: Drilling in clay, silt and loose to medium dense sand and gravel, with clay teeth 25T/25S/V19/V20/BFZ72.

Clean drilling bucket: Used for cleaning the bottom of borehole.

Open type drilling bucket:referred to as two petal drilling buckets, Drilling in mud, silt. It canbe equipped with soil teeth 25T/V19/V20 or rock bullets B47K/C31HD depend on soil condition.

Belling bucket: Drilling in silt, sandstone and hard rock clay stratum.

To find more types drilling buckets for foundation construction, please visit the website:

Rock bucket/ soil bucket/ clean drilling bucket are provided with mechanical opening system to unlock bottom parts and release drilled material fast; For the bottom design, double bottom/ single bottom with double cut or single cut are available. There is changeable rock pilot with 4pcs bits on the end of rock bucket, and fish tail on the end of soil bucket. Wearing stripe are welded on both sides of bucket to protect the body from abrasion.

A range of the Kelly box with different size can be offered, such as 130mm*130mm, 150mm*150mm, 200mm*200mm etc, matching up with most of the rotary drilling rig of Bauer/Soilmec /Mait/ Casagrande/ Sany /Juntan.

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