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Key Features and Benefits of Rotary Casing Tools for Bored pile

September 25,2023

Rotary casing tools often include piling casing pipe , casing twister and casing starter that can be connected and attached to rotary drilling rig such as Bauer, Soilmec, Mait, IMT etc for piling work.

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Key Features and Benefits of Rotary Casing Tools for Bored pile


Borehole Stability: These tools help maintain the stability of the borehole, preventing soil or rock collapse during drilling.


Alignment and Verticality: Rotary casing tools allow for precise control over the alignment and verticality of the casing, ensuring that the foundation element is constructed as intended.


Efficiency: Simultaneous drilling and casing installation streamline the piling process, reducing construction time.


Versatility: Rotary casing tools can be used in various soil and geological conditions, including loose soils, cohesive soils, and rock formations.


Reduction of Environmental Impact: The use of casing pipes can help prevent contamination of the surrounding soil and groundwater in environmentally sensitive areas.


Rotary casing tools for piling are an integral part of deep foundation construction, particularly in projects that require the installation of drilled shafts or bored piles. They provide the necessary support and stability for the drilling process, allowing for the safe and efficient construction of foundations for various structures, including buildings, bridges, and industrial facilities.