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How to make water well drilling rods, borehole drilling rods with high quality?

November 22,2022

There are different types of drilling rods that widely used in well drilling, mining, anchoring, micro piling, geological exploration etc. As its name implies, borehole drilling rods is used to bore a hole and water well drilling rods is used in water well drilling. Actually the drill rods we made can be used in many different projects such as water well drilling, quarry and bole a hole deeply.

In order to make the drilling rod stronger, we adopt the raw material of seamless steel tube R780 to make the pipe and the alloy steel 42CrMo to make the joints that are set on the both end of the pipe.

Multi-processing technologies are applied to the production of drilling rod as below:

1.Heat treatments are applied to strengthen the raw material

2.Professional CNC machining is applied to the processing of joints to guarantee all the threads are made under international standards.

3.All the joints are welded to the pipe through the friction welding technology

4.Internal thickening technology has carried on the tempering process

Every step is done to make sure the drilling rods we supplied with high quality and long service life


The borehole and water well drilling rods are available in different length and diameter. Below are the common types for ref:

Pipe diameter: 3 inch/3.5 inch/4 inch/4.5 inch/5 inch/5.5 inch

Length: 1m-9m

Thread: API 2 3/8’’ REG/ API 2 7/8’’ REG/API 3 1/2’’ REG/API 4 1/2” REG/ 4”FH

Other specifications are also available as client’s requests. In case of any damage of the drilling rods during the shipping, we pack the cargo with steel plate or cases.