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Features of the cluster drills of dth hammer drilling

February 20,2023

What's the cluster drills?

The cluster drills is a group of multiple DTH hammers and bits in one assembly. Each hammer designs with specially position to ensure even cutting across the hole and also to realize the most efficient and superior drilling performance.

The advantages of cluster drills in dth hammer drilling

It can be used on DTH drilling rig , rotary drill rig and CFA rig;

It’s capable to drill large diameter holes with less DTH bits/hammers and air compressors;

It’s equipped with quick change bit system allows bits to be replaced in the field;

The features of the cluster drills of Kimdrill

It is capable of drilling the large diameter hole from 600mm to 3000mm (23” to 118”) ;

It performs well in the drilling of extremely hard rock formations;

It is with high drilling efficiency.

It’s with DTH hammers and bit sin very good quality and it is durable with long service life.