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Everything you need to know about soil drill bucket clay bucket mud bucket drilling with flat teeth

November 22,2022

What is soil drill bucket?

Soil drill bucket, also called clay drilling bucket or mud bucket, is a type of drilling tools applied to rotary drilling rigs such as Bauer, Soilmec, Mait, Casagrande, Sany. It’s well suited to drill in soft to stiff silt and clay, loose to medium dense sand and gravel. The drilling diameter of soil drill bucket varies from 500mm and 3000mm. 

How does soil drill bucket work?

The soil buckets feature a rotating bottom to load drilled soil when drilling into the ground and a mechanical opening system to unlock bottom parts to release quickly drilled soil when the buckets are lifted by kelly bar. A ventilation pipe prevents the occurrence of a vacuum when lifting the tool.

The structure of soil drill bucket

The soil drill bucket is attached to the kelly bar through the connection of kelly box. The sizes of kelly box are usually 200mm*200mm;150mm*150mm;130mm*130mm;100mm*100mm and also can be customized according to client’s requests. Soil drill bucket can be designed with single cut or double cut. Double cut is recommended in uncased bores and for bigger diameters, single cut is recommended for smaller diameters. Different types of flat teeth can be equipped at the bottom gate of the soil bucket according to the hardness of soil formation. For example, to drill in the soft silt and clay, teeth 25T is suitable. To drill in the medium dense sand and gravel, flat teeth BFZ72/BFZ80 is recommended. Hard facing or wear strips are usually required for wear protection of the barrel.

The soil drill bucket we produce has two bottoms : one is fixed with thickness 40mm and the other is rotating with thickness 50mm. A fishtail is set at the bottom of the soil bucket and we install different types of flat teeth according to the soil condition. The thickness of the barrel varies from 16mm-30mm according to its diameter and wear strips are set on the top & end of the barrel for wear protection. If you have any questions, welcome to contact us freely.

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