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Do you know MIDI drill?

September 26,2023


MIDI Drill: A "MIDI drill" is a term that typically refers to a medium-sized drilling rig or machine designed for drilling holes of moderate diameter and depth. These machines are often used in construction and foundation projects where space constraints, access limitations, or environmental concerns are factors. MIDI drills can handle a variety of drilling methods, including rotary drilling, auger drilling, or other techniques, depending on the specific model and attachments.

MIDI drilling rigs are often used to drill holes for the installation of foundation piles, such as driven piles, bored piles, or micropiles. They can create holes of medium diameter and depth, depending on the specific rig and project requirements.

A range of drilling tools such as drill bucket, auger, core barrel can be customized from KIMDRILL to match with MIDI drilling rigs for foundation piling works.

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