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Casing starter with WS39 WS 46 teeth and holder

March 30,2023

casing starter also know as casing shoe, casing end or casing cutter can be fitted with WS tooth and holders (WS 39, WS46, WS52) or weld-on teeth type BR or BH (other types of teeth are available on request).

Kimdrill produces the casing starter/casing shoe/casing cutter/casing end in different lengths such as 586mm; 1000mm; 2000mm; 3000mm; 4000mm; 5000mm; 6000mm or others on requests.

Feature of our casing starter:

Fully welded solid wall connection between male joint section and cutting ring

With quick-changed tooth and holders such as WS 39, WS46 and WS52

With a long service life for the entire drill string

welding bar are also optinal as cutters


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