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Bored piling tools

June 09,2023

bored piling is a construction technique used to create deep foundation structures. It involves drilling a hole into the ground and then filling it with concrete and reinforcement materials.

Here are some common tools used in bored piling:


Bored Piling Rig: This is the primary equipment used for bored piling. It consists of a powerful drilling machine mounted on a crawler or truck chassis. The rig is equipped with a large drilling rig, including a rotary drill, kelly bar, and drilling bucket.

Kelly Bar: A Kelly bar is a telescopic steel tube that connects the drilling rig to the drilling tool (such as a drilling bucket or auger). It transfers torque and downward force from the rig to the tool, allowing the drilling operation to take place.

Drilling Buckets: Drilling buckets are used to excavate soil or rock during the drilling process. They are typically made of heavy-duty steel and have various shapes and sizes depending on the specific requirements of the project. The buckets can be equipped with cutting teeth or drilling bits to aid in soil penetration.

Augers: Augers are used in situations where the soil conditions are relatively stable and consist of cohesive materials. They are spiral-shaped drill bits that rotate and remove the soil as they penetrate the ground. Augers are available in different sizes and configurations.

Casing Pipes: Casing pipes are steel pipes used to support the walls of the bored hole. They prevent the hole from collapsing and maintain its stability during the drilling and concreting processes. Casing pipes are usually installed as the drilling progresses and are removed or cut off at the desired depth before concreting.

Tremie Pipes: Tremie pipes are used for placing concrete into the bored hole. They are long, flexible pipes with a funnel-shaped hopper at one end. The concrete is poured into the hopper, and the pipe is lowered into the hole. As the pipe is slowly raised, the concrete flows out from the bottom, displacing the water and ensuring a continuous flow of concrete.

Grout Pump: A grout pump is used to inject grout or cement slurry into the bored hole after the completion of drilling. The grout fills the voids between the bored hole and the reinforcement cage, ensuring a strong bond and improved load transfer between the pile and the surrounding ground.

These are some of the common tools used in bored piling operations. The specific tools required may vary depending on the project requirements, soil conditions, and the size of the piles being constructed.