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Bolting casing joint for casing piling

September 26,2023

Bolting casing joint is a type of connection used in the assembly of  casing pipes for bored piles. The casing joint consist of a female joint and a male joint that are welded on the  both end of the casing pipes. By bolting casing joints,   the individual sections of casing are connected together to create a continuous protective sleeve around the pile during installation.

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Here's  how a bolting casing joint for piling works:


Casing Sections: Casing or casing pipes are used to protect the pile and maintain its shape during installation, especially in loose or granular soils. These casings are typically made of steel and come in sections.


Bolted Connection: To connect two sections of casing together, a bolting casing joint is used. This joint that welded at the ends of the casing pieces have holes for bolts.


Bolts and Nuts: Bolts and nuts are used to secure the two casing sections together. The bolts pass through the holes in the joints of both sections and are tightened using nuts. This creates a strong and secure connection between the casing sections.


Sealing: In some cases, a sealing material or gasket is used  to prevent soil or water from entering the casing joint during installation.


Installation: The connected casing sections are lowered into the borehole or excavation where the pile is being driven. As the pile is driven into the ground, the casing protects it from soil and groundwater, preventing cave-ins or damage to the pile.


Bolting casing joints are important for maintaining the alignment and integrity of the casing during pile driving operations. They ensure that the casing sections remain connected and can be easily removed once the pile has been installed.

The casing joints we offer are made of quality casting of alloy steel 25CrMo and processed by machine precisely according to international standards. 

The casing joints for double wall casing pipe or single wall casing pipe can be customized with different diameter and thickness to meet client's requirements.