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1500mm Double Wall Casings DWC tube

June 09,2023


Double wall casings also know as DWC tubes and also called as double walled casing pipes are widely used in bored piling projects.

The Double wall casing is mainly used to support the hole wall so as to avoid the collapse during drilling. What’s more, the full casings could also keep the hole drilling in the right direction to prevent the deviation of the hole. Thirdly, the casing could also keep the underground water out of the hole.

1500mm double wall casing is combined with a rolling steel plate inside, reinforced bars in the middle and a rolling steel plate outside, meanwhile, with a female joint and a male joint at both ends.

Kimdrill offers DWC match well with different drilling rigs in brand Bauer, Soilmec, Mait, Casagrande,IMT, CMV, Sany, XCMG, Zoomlion, Jintai and so on. The drill rig models range IMT AF 180/ AF240/ AF270/ AF280/ AF300 ,Soilmec SR40/ SR60 /R518/SR90 etc. and SANY SR150, SR220, SR280/ XCMG XR/ Zoomlion/Sunward/Jintai SD etc.