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IADC 637 8.5 inch TCI Tricone Bit for Deep Hard Rock Drilling
IADC 637 8.5 inch TCI Tricone Bit for Deep Hard Rock Drilling
IADC 637 8.5 inch TCI Tricone Bit for Deep Hard Rock Drilling
IADC 637 8.5 inch TCI Tricone Bit for Deep Hard Rock Drilling

IADC 637 8.5 inch TCI Tricone Bit for Deep Hard Rock Drilling

Different name:tri-cone bit, three wings drill bit, tricone
Main application:drilling, oil exploring, mining
Core specification parameters:IADC,8 1/2 inch
Applications:Gas, oil, water well, HDD, Piling, deep drilling, core barrel
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KIMDRILL offers Tricone Bit in TCI type and MT type. TCI drill bit which is short for Tungsten Carbide Insert Bit, is used to drill in medium hard formations. MT drill bit also known as Milled Tooth Bit, is drilling in soft of medium soil formations. 

Size: from 3 1/2” to 26” 

IADC: 217/237/417/437/537/637 

Main Feature: 

  • Advancing teeth layout 

  • Vacuum oil filling 

  • Patented oil pressure balancing 

  • High temperature sealing ringGreat bearing capacity

4 3/4IADC517,5472 7/824.2
4 7/8IADC5472 7/826.4
5 1/2IADC5473 1/229.7
5 5/8IADC5473 1/230.2
5 2/3IADC5463 1/230.8
6IADC417,4473 1/235.2
6 1/8IADC5473 1/237.4
6 1/4IADC517,5373 1/237.4
6 1/2IADC517,547,8173 1/244
6 3/4IADC517,5373 1/250.6
7 1/2IADC517,545,547,625,627,8354 1/266
7 7/8IADC417,517,527,537,8174 1/272.6
8 1/2IADC417,435,437,517,535,537,547,625,627,635,745,835,8374 1/281.4
8 3/4IADC4374 1/288
9 5/8IADC5376 5/8121
9 7/8IADC517,537,7376 5/8127.6
10 5/8IADC437,535,537,545,547,627,7456 5/8167.2
11IADC6176 5/8173.8
11 5/8IADC537,545,6276 5/8198
12 1/4IADC437,517,535,537,6176 5/8204
15 1/2IADC547,6177 5/8440
17 1/2IADC537,5477 5/8594
Place of Origin:Made in China
Model:IADC 517/537/637/737
Material:Carbide bit, Steel, bearing, sealing
Usage:Water well drilling, oil drilling, gas drilling, mining
Certification:ISO 9001/ COC/PVOC
Minimum Order Quantity:1 set
Packaging Details:Case or pallet.
Delivery Time:7 working days

12 inch tricone IADC637

17 inch tricone drill bit

tri cone bit 637 8.5 inch

tricone bit 9 inch IADC537


1. What is a tricone bit?

A tricone bit is a type of drill bit commonly used in the drilling industry, especially for drilling through rock. It consists of three conical rollers with teeth or buttons that rotate independently to crush and grind the rock at the bottom of the hole.

2. How does a tricone bit work?

When drilling, the tricone bit is attached to the drill string and lowered into the borehole. As the drill string rotates, the three cones on the bit rotate, applying a crushing and shearing action to the rock.

3. What are the different types of tricone bits?

Tricone bits come in various types, mainly distinguished by the teeth or cutting elements. There are milled tooth bits for softer formations and tungsten carbide insert (TCI) bits for harder formations.

4. What are the applications of tricone bits?

They are widely used in oil and gas exploration, mining, and water well drilling. Their versatility makes them suitable for a range of rock types and drilling conditions.

5. How are tricone bits sized?

Tricone bits are sized based on the diameter of the bit, which can range from a few inches to over a foot, depending on the specific drilling requirements.

6. Can tricone bits be used in horizontal drilling?

Yes, tricone bits are suitable for both vertical and horizontal drilling applications, making them versatile in various drilling projects.

7. How do you choose the right tricone bit for a drilling project?

The choice depends on several factors, including the type of rock formation, the depth and diameter of the well, and the drilling equipment. The teeth or cutting structure should be appropriate for the rock hardness.

8. How long do tricone bits last?

The lifespan of a tricone bit varies depending on the rock hardness, drilling conditions, and the quality of the bit. Regular maintenance and proper use can extend its life.

9. Are tricone bits replaceable or reusable?

Tricone bits can be replaced when worn out. In some cases, they can be refurbished or rebuilt for reuse, depending on the extent of wear and the bit's design.

10. What maintenance is required for tricone bits?

Regular inspection for wear and damage, proper cleaning, and storing in a suitable environment are essential for maintaining tricone bits.

11. How does the water or mud flow affect the performance of a tricone bit?

Adequate flow of drilling mud or water is crucial for cooling the bit, lubricating the bearings, and removing rock cuttings, which significantly affects the bit's performance and lifespan.

12. What are the key differences between milled tooth and TCI tricone bits?

Milled tooth bits are suitable for softer rock formations and are less expensive, whereas TCI bits are more durable and designed for harder rock formations.