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Post Tension Concrete PC Strand Steel
Post Tension Concrete PC Strand Steel
Post Tension Concrete PC Strand Steel
Post Tension Concrete PC Strand Steel

Post Tension Concrete PC Strand Steel

Different name:Steel strand, PC wire, 7 wire strand
Main application:bridge, PC strand steel, foundation, construction, horizontal drilling, railway
Core specification parameters:12.7mm, 15.2mm, 0.5 Inch, 0.6 Inch, 1860MPa
Applications:Construction, Piling, deep drilling, bridge, railway engineering, tiebacks, foundation projects, Post-tension, Prestressed
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The Prestressed system is consists of anchorage block, wedges and strand steel. It is mainly used in the railway engineering, tiebacks and foundation projects, etc. 

 The strand steel is very important for the prestressed concrete structure. The qualified strand steel should made of good raw material and processed in automatic workshop. Our factory owns sets of advanced production equipment, and has established the professional test and inspection center to ensure the good quality of our product.


ASTM A416/06 ( Steel: SWRH82B)

Strength GradeNominal DiameterDiameter toleranceSectionModulus of elasticityYield stressUltimate stress
1750Mpa9.53 (0.375In)±0.452195±108089
11.11(0.438 In)70108120
1860Mpa9.53 (0.375In)5592102
11.11(0.438 In)0.6574124138

Package and Delivery:

By Plastic film. By sea.

Place of Origin:Made in China
Model:7 strands, 12.7mm; 15.2mm;
Usage:Bridge, Infrustruction, civil engineering
Certification:ISO 9001/ COC/PVOC
Minimum Order Quantity:1 set
Packaging Details:Plastic coverage
Delivery Time:7 working days
Competitive Advantage
  • Top quality raw material

  • With rich experience of manufacturing and exporting


1. What is Post-Tension Concrete PC Strand Steel?

Post-Tension (PT) Concrete PC Strand Steel is a high-strength steel cable used in post-tensioned concrete construction. It's designed to strengthen concrete structures through tensioning after the concrete has been cast.

2. How does PC Strand Steel work in concrete construction?

PC Strand Steel is laid in the concrete formwork before pouring the concrete. Once the concrete achieves sufficient strength, the strands are tensioned and anchored, compressing the concrete to increase its strength and load-bearing capacity.

3. What are the benefits of using PC Strand Steel in concrete?

The main benefits include enhanced structural strength, reduced material usage, and the ability to construct slimmer and longer spans in bridges and buildings.

4. In what types of construction projects is PC Strand Steel commonly used?

It's widely used in large-scale construction projects like bridges, high-rise buildings, parking structures, and stadiums, where enhanced load-bearing capacity and structural longevity are crucial.

5. What makes PC Strand Steel different from regular steel reinforcement?

Unlike regular steel reinforcement, PC Strand Steel is tensioned after the concrete has cured, applying a compressive force that strengthens the entire concrete element.

6. How is PC Strand Steel manufactured?

It's typically made by twisting together several steel wires to form a high-strength strand. These wires are often coated for corrosion resistance.

7. What sizes and types of PC Strand Steel are available?

PC Strand Steel comes in various diameters and strengths, tailored to suit different structural requirements and engineering specifications.

8. How is the tensioning of PC Strand Steel performed?

Tensioning is done using hydraulic jacks. The strand is stretched to a predetermined tension and then anchored to the concrete, maintaining the tension over time.

9. What are the maintenance requirements for PC Strand Steel?

Maintenance involves regular inspections for signs of corrosion, fatigue, or damage, particularly at anchor points and exposed areas.