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Spring for Interlocking Kelly Bar and Friction Kelly Bar
Spring for Interlocking Kelly Bar and Friction Kelly Bar
Spring for Interlocking Kelly Bar and Friction Kelly Bar
Spring for Interlocking Kelly Bar and Friction Kelly Bar

Spring for Interlocking Kelly Bar and Friction Kelly Bar

Different name:60Si2Mn spring, damping spring, Kelly bar parts, rig parts
Main application:drill rig, Kelly bar, rotary drilling,
Core specification parameters:damping spring, interlock Kelly bar, telescope kelly
Applications:Kelly bar, rotary drill rig, drilling rig, Deep foundation engineering, bored piling, Drilled shafts, cast-in-drilled-hole piles, Civil engineering, Infrastructure, building, bridge, high-speed railway etc.

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Kimdrill offers a wide range of accessories for Kelly Bar like swivel, bearing, spring, rubber ring, kelly box, pallet, kelly guide and so on. 

The damping spring is used to lessen or absorb the shock during drilling so as to protect the Kelly bar. It is one of the common wearing parts on the Kelly bar. We are capable to offer various models of spring which match well with the Kelly bar in difference brand and model, such as Bauer, Soilmec, Mait, Casagrande, XCMG, SANY, CMV, Sunward, Zoomlion, IMT, Jintai and so on.







Package and Delivery:

Wooden case or pallet; By Sea or by air.

Place of Origin:Made in China
Compatible with:Interlock Kelly Bar, Friction Kelly Bar, drilling rig
Certification:ISO 9001/ COC/PVOC
Minimum Order Quantity:1 set
Packaging Details:Case or pallet.
Delivery Time:At stock or 7 working days
Competitive Advantage
  • Top quality raw material

  • With reliable and durable performance

  • With rich experience of manufacturing and exporting

  • Familiar with the rotary drilling rig in difference brand and model


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1. What is the role of a spring in an Interlocking Kelly Bar?

In an Interlocking Kelly Bar, the spring is part of the locking mechanism. It helps to engage and disengage the interlocking sections of the bar during extension or retraction, facilitating smooth operation and torque transfer.

2. How does the spring function in a Friction Kelly Bar?

In a Friction Kelly Bar, the spring maintains tension between the telescopic sections, essential for torque transmission through friction. It ensures these sections are held together firmly but can still slide as needed.

3. Are the springs in both types of Kelly Bars the same?

While the purpose of the springs in both Kelly Bars relates to the efficient functioning of the telescopic sections, their specific design and application may vary according to the type of Kelly Bar.

4. What material are these springs made of?

These springs are made from high-quality, durable materials capable of withstanding the high stresses and strains of drilling operations.

5. How important are these springs in the drilling process?

Springs in both Interlocking and Friction Kelly Bars are crucial for the efficiency and safety of the drilling process. They ensure the reliability of the telescopic mechanism and effective force transmission.

6. Is regular maintenance of these springs necessary?

Yes, regular inspection and maintenance of the springs are vital to ensure their proper functionality and to prevent any failures during drilling operations.

7. Can springs in Kelly Bars be replaced if they fail?

Yes, if a spring in a Kelly Bar fails, it can be replaced. However, it's important to use the correct type of spring specific to the Kelly Bar model to maintain proper functionality.

8. Do the springs affect the overall lifespan of Kelly Bars?

The condition of the springs can impact the lifespan of Kelly Bars. Properly maintained springs contribute to the longevity and efficiency of the Kelly Bars.

9. Are there different types of springs for different Kelly Bar models?

Yes, springs may vary in size, strength, and design, depending on the specific model and type of Kelly Bar.

10. Can springs in Kelly Bars be custom-made for specific projects?

While standard springs are suitable for most projects, custom springs can be made for specific requirements or unique drilling conditions, ensuring optimal performance of the Kelly Bar.