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Eccentric overburden casing system ODEX for micro piles
Eccentric overburden casing system ODEX for micro piles
Eccentric overburden casing system ODEX for micro piles
Eccentric overburden casing system ODEX for micro piles

Eccentric overburden casing system ODEX for micro piles

Different name:ODEX
Main application:forfoundation piling, micro piles, water well drilling, geothermal well drilling.
Core specification parameters:Diameter 108-377mm
Applications:Widely used inshallow micro piling work,water-well drilling , geothermal drilling, solar and construction/geotechnical drilling projects
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Once bore a hole in the unstable soil formation, there is potential risk of hole collapsing. Casing drilling is an ideal drilling method that combine the drilling and casing process together to stabilize the hole. Powered by DTH hammer, the casing system has a pilot bit which drives a ring bit to drill a hole wide enough so that a casing tube can slide down to the hole. As the drilling process and casing process are performing at the same time, the casing tube can stabilize the hole immediately.

Overburden casing drilling system can be classified into concentric casing system, eccentric casing system and slide block casing system. Eccentric casing system is the most economical drilling solution because its reamer bits can be retrievable and can be used to drill next hole. It is ideal to drill shallow holes in well drilling and micro piling work. Eccentric overburden casing system is composed of a pilot bit, reamer bit, guide device and casing shoe.


How does Eccentric casing system(ODEX) work?

1. Once drilling starts, the reamer bit will rotate out to enlarge the hole wide enough so the casing tube can slide down smoothly behind the reamer

2.After drilling into the required depth, rotation is reversed to retract the reamer bits so the whole drilling system can be pulled out through the casing tube.


Stable and reliable performance with high drilling speed

Retrievable and economical casing drilling system

Available in different size from diameter 108-377mm

Casing Tube

We have a range of casing tube from diameter 108mm to 377mm for concentric/ eccentric casing system.


ModelCasing Tube OD (mm)Max OD of Guide Device(mm)Bit Dia (mm)Max OD of Reamer bit (mm)DTH Hammer type
ODEX1081089284118Cop34/DHD3.5 hammer
ODEX11411410092124Cop34/DHD3.5 hammer
ODEX127127110100136Cop44/DHD340/SD4/QL40 hammer
ODEX146146124115156Cop44/DHD340/SD4/QL40 hammer
ODEX168168146134178Cop54/DHD350/SD5/QL50/M50 hammer
ODEX178178156144193Cop54/DHD350/SD5/QL50/M50 hammer
ODEX183183160144193Cop54/DHD350/SD5/QL50/M50 hammer
ODEX194194178165208Cop64/DHD360/SD6/QL60/M60 hammer
ODEX219219203189237Cop64/DHD360/SD6/QL60/M60 hammer
ODEX245245220206260Cop84/DHD380/SD8/QL80 hammer
ODEX273273256238308Cop84/DHD380/SD8/QL80 hammer
ODEX325325297280355DHD380/SD8/QL80 hammer
ODEX377377351328420DHD112/SD12/QL120/NUMA120 hammer
Place of Origin:Made in China
Model Number:Eccentric casing system ODEX
Certification:COC/PVOC/FORM E/CO/ISO 9001
Minimum Order Quantity:1PCS
Packaging Details:Wooden cases
Delivery Time:10working days
Competitive Advantage

High drilling efficiency

Due to its good performance of high penetration rate and minimal deviation tendency, ourDown-the-hole drilling toolshave been exported to many different countries such as USA, South Africa, Ireland etc and won a good feedback.

Quality assurance

With many years experiences of production of Down-the-hole drilling tools, the concentric casing system we made have long service life and lower air consumption.

All around after-sales service

Our sales will response to any questions within 24 hours once we get. We pay great attention to the feedback from clients and satisfy them both on products and services.


The warranty period is six months since the casing system are delivered.




1. What is an Eccentric Overburden Casing System (ODEX) in the context of micro piles?

The ODEX system is a specialized drilling tool used for installing micro piles in challenging ground conditions. It's designed to drill through overburden – soil layers above solid rock – and then anchor into the rock to provide foundation support.

2. How does the ODEX system work for micro piles?

The ODEX system drills through overburden using an eccentric, retractable bit. Once it reaches solid rock, the bit retracts, allowing a casing to be driven into the hole for pile installation.

3. What makes the ODEX system suitable for micro pile installation?

Its ability to efficiently drill through mixed soil and rock layers and provide stable casing installation in unstable ground makes it ideal for micro pile construction.

4. Can the ODEX system be used in all soil types?

The ODEX system is particularly effective in mixed or challenging ground conditions, including loose, water-saturated, or rocky soils, where traditional drilling methods might fail.

5. What are the components of an ODEX system?

The system includes an eccentric bit for drilling, a pilot bit for initial penetration, and a casing shoe. The drill bit and casing advance simultaneously through the overburden.

6. Is specialized equipment required to operate an ODEX system?

The ODEX system is used with standard drilling rigs, but it requires the specific ODEX drilling tools compatible with the rig.

7. How are micro piles installed using the ODEX system?

After drilling and casing installation, micro piles are constructed by placing reinforcement into the casing and filling it with grout or concrete.

8. What are the advantages of using ODEX for micro piles?

The main advantages include faster drilling in mixed ground conditions, minimized disturbance to surrounding soil, and the ability to create stable foundations in challenging environments.

9. Are there different sizes of ODEX systems for micro piles?

Yes, ODEX systems come in various sizes to accommodate different pile diameters and ground conditions.

10. How does the ODEX system handle groundwater during drilling?

The system's casing installation process helps to seal off groundwater, preventing inflow into the borehole and ensuring the stability of the micro pile.

11. Can the ODEX system be reused?

Many components of the ODEX system, like the drill bits and casing shoes, are reusable, making it a cost-effective solution for multiple projects.