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Interlocking Kelly Bar for Rotary Drilling Rig
Interlocking Kelly Bar for Rotary Drilling Rig
Interlocking Kelly Bar for Rotary Drilling Rig
Interlocking Kelly Bar for Rotary Drilling Rig
Interlocking Kelly Bar for Rotary Drilling Rig

Interlocking Kelly Bar for Rotary Drilling Rig

Different name:Kelly bar for rotary drilling rig
Main application:deep foundation drilling;
Core specification parameters:interlock type, telescope kelly
Applications:Deep foundation engineering, bored piling, cassion, Drilled shafts, cast-in-drilled-hole piles, Civil engineering, Infrastructure, building, bridge, high-speed railway etc.
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Kelly bar is a telescopic drilling rod to transfer the torque of rotary drive and crowd pressure of the crowd system to the drilling tool. Kimdrill can customize kelly bar on requested that can be applied to any type of piling rig available in market. 

Kelly bar is mainly classified into friction Kelly bar and interlocking Kelly bar

Interlocking Kelly bars are used with piling rigs for drilling in dense sand and gravel and weak to strong rock. To transfer the max torque to the drilling tools, the interlocking Kelly bar is equipped with drive ribs which are welded on the lock device on each section. 

The Interlocking Kelly bars can be fully locked by mechanical locking system on each section.Kelly bars can be equipped with specially designed springs or pressure plates for shock absorbing purpose.Material: 

  • Kelly stub: 35CrMo, forging 

  • Steel Pipe: Q355B (Outside sections), 35CrMo (inside sections)


ModelOuter Dia. (mm)SectionLength of each section (m)Compatible Drilling Rigs
KD394/3/4/5/9-153943,4,59-15Bauer, Soilemc
KD406/3/4/5/9-154063,4,59-15Soilemc, IMT, CMV
KD419/3/4/5/9-154193,4,59-15Casagrande, SANY,XCMG
KD440/3/4/5/6/9-154403,4,5,69-15MAIT, SANY, XCMG
KD470/3/4/5/6/9-16.54703,4,5,69-16.5Bauer, SANY
KD508/3/4/5/6/9-185083,4,5,69-18Casagrande, XCMG, ZOOMLION
KD558/3/4/5/6/9-245583,4,5,69-24Soilmec, SANY, SUNWARD
KD559/3/4/5/6/9-245593,4,5,69-24Bauer, XCMG

Package and Delivery:

For the kelly bar in length less than 11.5 meters, we will load them in 40GP.

For the kelly bar in length more than 11.5 meters, we will ship them in bulk cargo.

Place of Origin:Made in China
Material:Q355B/35CrMo Steel Pipe
Certification:ISO 9001/ COC/PVOC
Minimum Order Quantity:1 set
Packaging Details:Wrapped with plastic film.
Delivery Time:7 working days
Competitive Advantage
  • Top quality raw material

  • With Heat-treatment and strict QC process

  • With rich experience of manufacturing and exporting

  • Familiar with the rotary drilling rig in difference brand and model


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1. What is a Kelly bar?

A Kelly bar is a key component of a rotary drill rig used in construction, essential for deep foundation drilling. It's a telescopic bar that transfers torque and downward force from the drill rig to the drilling tool.

2. How does a Kelly bar function?

The Kelly bar is attached to the rotary head of the drill rig. As the rotary head rotates, it turns the Kelly bar, which in turn rotates the drilling tool (like an auger or drilling bucket) attached to it.

3.What are the types of Kelly bars?

There are two main types: interlocking and friction. Interlocking Kelly bars have drive keys for higher torque transmission, while friction Kelly bars rely on friction between the sliding elements.

4. What is the role of a Kelly bar in drilling?

The Kelly bar is responsible for transmitting the rotational force and the downward pressure required for the drilling operation, making it possible to drill deep foundations.

5. How deep can a Kelly bar drill?

The drilling depth is determined by the length of the Kelly bar. Longer Kelly bars allow for drilling deeper holes.

6. Are Kelly bars universal for all drill rigs?

No, Kelly bars need to be compatible with the specific drill rig. Their selection depends on the rig’s specifications and the requirements of the drilling project.

7. What is the difference between interlocking and friction Kelly bars?

Interlocking bars are more efficient in transmitting torque due to their locking mechanism, making them suitable for harder ground conditions. Friction bars are simpler and used in less demanding conditions.

8. What determines the choice of a Kelly bar for a project?

The choice depends on the depth and diameter of the hole to be drilled, the ground conditions, and the capabilities of the drilling rig.

9. How is a Kelly bar maintained?

Regular inspection and maintenance are crucial, including checking for wear and tear, lubricating the telescopic sections, and ensuring the locking mechanisms are functioning properly.

10. Can a Kelly bar be used with different drilling tools?

Yes, a Kelly bar can be used with various drilling tools like augers, drilling buckets, and core barrels, depending on the specific requirements of the drilling operation.