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Mechanical Hammer Grab for Pile Construction Drilling
Mechanical Hammer Grab for Pile Construction Drilling
Mechanical Hammer Grab for Pile Construction Drilling

Mechanical Hammer Grab for Pile Construction Drilling

Different name:Mechanical grab, hammer grab, two-jaw grab,BOTTOM DROP PILES,drop hammermechanical hammer,Diaphragm Wall grab
Main application:drilling, construction, piles
Core specification parameters:600mm, 1000mm, large diameter
Applications:Construction, Piling, deep drilling, soil moving, gravel and soft rock drilling.
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Hammer grab is a large bored pile equipment for the foundation construction. Its main function is to excavate bored piles of soil, gravel and soft rock layer. 

During the double rope operation, the rope of a chain suspension tackle of the hammer grab unit. When lowering the hammer grab into the casing hole, the first rope is lifted and thus the grab jaws are closed. At the required location, the second rope is lifted and the grab jaws are opened by means of the heavy spring. The brakes of both cable dredger winches are opened, the hammer grab drops with open grab jaws and penetrates firmly, deep into the strata. In order to obtain maximum filling capacity of the grab jaws, the hammer grab can, if needed, be lifted several times by means of the second rope in order to penetrate deeper into the hard strata with opened grab jaws with a chisel effect before being withdrawn with closed jaws by means of the first rope. In the single rope operation the grab is suspended at the closing mechanism and is driven into the casing with opened grab jaws. It is freely dropped at the required location and the grab falls then to the casing bottom with the jaws open. When hitting the casing bottom, the latches in the casing cover fall to the outside and the jaws are closed when pulling the rope attached to the closing mechanism. After withdrawal from the casing, the grab is guided into the chandelier and slowly lowered. 

Drilling Diameter: 400mm-2500mm 

Main Feature: 

  • Double rope and single rope type. 

  • Mechanical type 

  • Match with most cranes 

  • Round shape or square shape are both available


Casing diameter MMLower part max. dim.MMUpper part max. diam.mmJaw capacity litresWeight KGS

Package and Delivery:

By Plastic film. By sea.

Place of Origin:Made in China
Model:Dia. 400mm to 2500mm
Usage:Pile construction
Certification:ISO 9001/ COC/PVOC
Minimum Order Quantity:1 set
Packaging Details:Case or pallet.
Delivery Time:7 working days
Competitive Advantage
  • Top quality raw material

  • With Heat-treatment and strict QC process

  • With rich experience of manufacturing and exporting


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1. What is a Mechanical Hammer Grab?

A Mechanical Hammer Grab is a specialized tool used in pile construction drilling. It's designed to remove soil, rock, or other debris from a drilled shaft to prepare it for pile installation.

2. How does a Mechanical Hammer Grab work?

This tool operates by dropping a heavy weight (hammer) onto the bottom of the drilled shaft, grabbing and then lifting out the debris or loose material as it is raised.

3. What are the main components of a Mechanical Hammer Grab?

It typically consists of a heavy-duty grabbing mechanism, a hammer weight for impact, and a lifting line or cable to raise and lower the grab into the shaft.

4. In what types of pile construction is a Mechanical Hammer Grab used?

It's used in various pile construction methods, especially in deep foundation drilling where debris needs to be removed from boreholes, such as in the construction of bridges, buildings, and other large structures.

5. What are the advantages of using a Mechanical Hammer Grab?

Its primary advantages include efficient removal of debris from deep shafts, high durability, and effectiveness in a variety of soil conditions, including hard-to-dig materials.

6. Can a Mechanical Hammer Grab be used in all soil types?

While highly versatile, its effectiveness might vary depending on soil conditions. It performs well in dense and compact soils but may be less effective in very loose or watery soils.

7. How is the Mechanical Hammer Grab powered?

It is generally operated using a crane or rig that lifts and drops the grab. The hammer action is mechanically driven, often by gravity.

8. Are there different sizes of Mechanical Hammer Grabs?

Yes, they come in various sizes to accommodate different pile diameters and drilling depths, ensuring versatility for various construction projects.

9. How is safety ensured when using a Mechanical Hammer Grab?

Safety measures include regular maintenance, proper handling, and ensuring that the grab is correctly attached and operated with suitable lifting equipment.

10. What maintenance is required for a Mechanical Hammer Grab?

Regular inspections for wear and damage, proper lubrication of moving parts, and ensuring that the cables or lifting lines are in good condition are essential.

11. Can a Mechanical Hammer Grab be used for both temporary and permanent pile construction?

Yes, it can be used in both temporary and permanent pile construction projects, making it a versatile tool in foundation drilling.

12. How does the use of a Mechanical Hammer Grab impact the efficiency of pile construction?

By efficiently clearing boreholes of debris, it speeds up the construction process and ensures that piles can be installed in a clean, prepared shaft, enhancing the overall efficiency and quality of pile construction.