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Down the hole hammer drilling high air pressure dth hammer down to hole hammer dth dhd340 dhd380
Down the hole hammer drilling high air pressure dth hammer down to hole hammer dth dhd340 dhd380
Down the hole hammer drilling high air pressure dth hammer down to hole hammer dth dhd340 dhd380
Down the hole hammer drilling high air pressure dth hammer down to hole hammer dth dhd340 dhd380

Down the hole hammer drilling high air pressure dth hammer down to hole hammer dth dhd340 dhd380

Different name:Pneumatic DTH hammer/ air hammer
Main application:for mining/well drilling/quarry/rock drilling/ blast hole drilling
Core specification parameters:DHD/SD/QL/MISSION/NUMA high air pressure DTH hammer and bits
Applications:Widely used in mining, quarrying, exploration, water-well, geothermal, solar and construction/geotechnical drilling projects
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A down-hole hammer is a type of percussion pneumatic hammer. Inside the hammer there is a piston applying repeated percussive pressure to the bits. DTH is short for "down-the-hole" and this method is essentially a percussion mechanism followed the bit down into the hole. DTH hammer and bits are located at the end of the drill string. Once need to drill deeper, drilling tubes of different length are required to connect with DTH hammer and transfer the feed force and rotation to the hammer and bits. DTH hammers and bits are well suited for drilling into medium hard to hard rock and now are widely used in civil engineering, micro piling, well drilling projects. 

According to the work pressure, DTH hamemr can be classified in three types: 

  1. Low air pressure DTH hammer such as CR90/CR110/CR150 

  2. Medium air pressure DTH hammer such as BR1/BR2/BR3

  3. High air pressure DTH hammer that work pressure is above 10 bars 

High Air Pressure DTH hammer 

Common Size: from 3.5 inch to 12 inch 

Large Size: from 14 inch to 24 inch (Available as client's requests)


High air pressure DTH hammer  with DHD shank are very popular and suitable for many different kinds of projects such as water well drilling, mining, quarry etc.

As we have adequate stock of DHD shank DTH hammer from 3.5 inch to 12 inch in stock, a quick delivery is available to meet urgent order.

Bit ShankDHD3.5DHD340/COP44COP54/DHD350COP64/DHD360COP84/DHD380DHD1120
Hole RangeØ90-Ø110mmØ110-Ø135mmØ135-Ø155mmØ155-Ø190mmØ195-Ø254mmØ305-Ø445mm
ThreadAPI 2 3/8”RegAPI 2 3/8”RegAPI 3 1/2”RegAPI 3 1/2”RegAPI 4 1/2”RegAPI 6 5/8” Reg
Working Pressure10-17 Bar10-22Bar10-25 Bar10-25Bar15-33Bar15-33 Bar
Recommended Rotation Speed30-60r/min30-60r /min30-60r/min30-60r/min30-60r/min25-50r/min
Air Consumption10 Bar: 4.5m3/min10 Bar: 5.5m3/min10 Bar: 9m3/min10 Bar:20m3/min10 Bar:26m3/min10 Bar: 50m3/min
15 Bar: 8.5m3/min18 Bar: 10m3/min18 Bar: 15m3/min18 Bar: 28m3/min24 Bar: 34m3/min24 Bar: 70m3/min
Place of Origin:Made in China
Model Number:DHD/SD/QL/MISSION/NUMA high air pressure DTH hammer and bits
Certification:COC/PVOC/FORM E/CO/ISO 9001
Minimum Order Quantity:1PCS
Packaging Details:Wooden cases or pallet
Delivery Time:7 working days
Competitive Advantage

High drilling efficiency

Due to its good performance of high penetration rate and minimal deviation tendency, our DTH hammer have been exported to many different countries such as USA, South Africa, Ireland etc and won a good feedback.

Quality assurance

With many years experiences of production of DTH drilling tools, the DTH hammers we made have long service life and lower air consumption.

All around after-sales service

Our sales will response to any questions within 24 hours once we get. We pay great attention to the feedback from clients and satisfy them both on products and services.


The warranty period is six months since the DTH hammer are delivered.


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DTH hammer

DTH package


1. What is a DTH hammer?

A DTH (Down-The-Hole) hammer is a pneumatically operated drilling tool used primarily in hard rock drilling. It sits directly behind the drill bit and uses compressed air to drive a piston, which strikes the drill bit, creating an impact force.

2. What is a DTH bit?

The DTH bit is the cutting tool attached to the end of the DTH hammer. It's designed with carbide buttons to penetrate tough rock formations effectively.

3. How does a DTH hammer and bit work?

During drilling, the DTH hammer and bit are lowered into the borehole. The hammer strikes the bit directly, breaking the rock, while compressed air flushes out rock cuttings and drives the hammer.

4. What are the advantages of using a DTH hammer and bit?

They are extremely efficient in hard rock formations, offering better energy transfer and deeper penetration compared to top hammer drills. This makes them ideal for mining, quarrying, and deep well drilling.

5. Can DTH hammers and bits be used for all types of rock?

They are particularly effective in very hard rock formations. However, their efficiency might vary in softer rock or different geological conditions.

6. What sizes do DTH hammers and bits come in?

They are available in a range of sizes, catering to various borehole diameters and depths, which allows for flexibility in different drilling projects.

7. In what applications are DTH hammers and bits commonly used?

They are widely used in mining, quarrying, water well drilling, geothermal drilling, and for creating blast holes in construction and mining operations.

8. How durable are DTH hammers and bits?

Both the hammer and the bit are designed to withstand the harsh conditions of deep rock drilling, ensuring durability and reliability in tough environments.

9. Do DTH hammers require special maintenance?

Regular maintenance, including inspection, cleaning, and lubrication, is crucial to ensure the longevity and efficiency of DTH hammers and bits.

10. Can the DTH bits be replaced independently of the hammer?

Yes, DTH bits can be replaced independently as they wear out. It's important to choose the correct bit size and type for the specific hammer and drilling conditions.

11. Are there different types of DTH bits for various drilling needs?

Yes, DTH bits come in various designs with different numbers of air passages, button shapes, and face designs to match specific rock conditions and drilling requirements.

12. How does the choice of DTH hammer and bit impact the overall drilling cost?

The efficiency and durability of DTH hammers and bits can significantly affect drilling speed and the frequency of replacements, thereby impacting the overall cost of drilling operations.