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HQ drill rod
HQ drill rod
HQ drill rod

HQ drill rod

Different name:wireline drilling rods
Main application:for geological drilling
Core specification parameters:HQ
Applications:Widely used inmineral exploration and deep well drilling
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The HQ drill rod is a type of drill rod commonly used in mineral exploration and deep well drilling projects. It is part of the wireline drilling system, which is a widely used method for retrieving core samples from the subsurface.

We adopt the quality steel tube to produce the HQ drill rod that can withstand the rigors of drilling through various types of rock formations.



Pipe Diameter

Pipe Length

Wall Thickness


88.9mm77.8 mm1000-6000mm5.5mm3
Place of Origin:Made in China
Model Number:HQ drill rod
Certification:COC/PVOC/FORM E/CO/ISO 9001
Minimum Order Quantity:10PCS
Packaging Details:Wooden cases or pallet
Delivery Time:7 working days
Competitive Advantage

High quality

Adopting seamless steel tubes from famous domestic large steel enterprises to produce drilling rod

Professional CNC machine was applied in all of the connection thread processing

Heat treatment of materials and friction welding are carried on to weld the threads with steel tubes to strengthen the drill rods.

Quality assurance

With many years experiences of production of drilling tools, the drill rods we made have long service life.

All around after-sales service

Our sales will response to any questions within 24 hours once we get. We pay great attention to the feedback from clients and satisfy them both on products and services.

warranty: The warranty period is six months since the drill rods are delivered.


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1. What is a drill rod?

In deep drilling, a drill rod is a crucial component used to transmit power and circulate drilling fluids to the drill bit. It's a long, cylindrical piece of metal, essential in oil, gas, mining, and geotechnical drilling.

2. What materials are drill rods made from?

High-grade steel alloys are commonly used for making drill rods, chosen for their strength, durability, and resistance to wear and corrosion.

3. How long are drill rods typically?

Drill rods vary in length but are generally several metres long, tailored to suit the equipment and depth requirements of specific drilling projects.

4. Can drill rods be joined for deeper drilling?

Yes, drill rods can be connected end-to-end using threaded connections, allowing them to reach the necessary lengths for deep drilling.

5. What are the essential qualities of a drill rod for deep drilling?

Important qualities include high tensile strength, resistance to bending, wear, and compatibility with other drilling components like bits and casing pipes.

6. How do drill rods impact deep drilling efficiency?

Quality drill rods ensure efficient power transmission to the drill bit and effective circulation of drilling fluids, crucial for drilling speed and success.

7. What maintenance do drill rods require?

Regular inspections for wear, corrosion, and damage, along with proper handling, cleaning, and storage, are necessary to maintain drill rods.

8. What challenges are associated with using drill rods in deep drilling?

Challenges include managing the stress of deep drilling, preventing breakage or bending, and maintaining effective rotary power transmission.

9. Are there different drill rods for various deep drilling needs?

Yes, there are specific types of drill rods for different drilling conditions, such as directional, core, or oil and gas drilling.

10. Can drill rods be reused in other projects?

Reuse is possible if the rods are in good condition, but they should be thoroughly inspected and possibly refurbished before reuse.