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How to choose the suitable sand auger drill bit for clay soil?

Time : 2022-07-27 Hits : 142

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There are various types of drill bits can be installed into auger to match with different soil conditions. If you want drilling efficient and productive, it's important to choose suitable auger drill bits to match your soil conditions.

At first, it's necessary to know about the hardness of the soil condition. To drill in stiff or hard clay soil, the flat bits with carbide like BFZ72/BFZ80 etc can have an excellent performance and longer service life. Of course, their price is usually a bit higher than others. To drill in soft clay and soil, it's better to use the drill bits like 25T/18TL/V20/V19 that can work well and save the drilling cost due to the low price.

Once equipping the auger with suitable drill bits, it's necessary to check the status of auger regular after drilling and replace the worn-out auger drill bits with the new one to guarantee drilling speed.

If you have any interests in the auger drill bits, just contact our sales freely to get a free sample for your testing.