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Getting to know about casing bit

Time : 2022-07-27 Hits : 140

casing bits

As its name implies, the casing bits are specially designed drill bits that used to attach to the casing pipes with several purposes, including providing structural integrity to the well, preventing collapse of the hole etc.

Casing bits are often made of durable tungsten carbide or diamond inserts that can efficiently penetrate through the tough soil formation while maintaining sharpness and durability.

In order to connect with casing pipes, the casing bits can be customized with different types of threads to match the pipe. In some cases, the casing bits also can be made without any thread and be welded to the casing pipe directly.

casing bits play a crucial role in various drilling and well intervention activities. They are widely used in micropile, anchoring, well drilling and geological drilling etc,contributing to improved drilling efficiency, reduced operational costs, and enhanced well integrity.

We support the customization of casing bits and can offer multiple casing bits to meet client’s requirements.