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Full Displacement Piling System (FDP)

Time : 2022-07-27 Hits : 131

Full Displacement Piling System (FDP)


Soil displacement piles are bored cast in-situ concrete piles constructed advancing a displacement boring tools into the ground with a rotary piling rig using both torque and crowd force. Its vibration free system can help to reduce concrete consumption and produce less spoil especially compared to other piling method. It’s ideally to use in loose and medium dense granular soils and soft cohesive strata.

FDP system consists of drill rod, displacement body, starter and lost bit. On the end of FDP auger, there is changeable pilot bit with round shank chisels or fishtail. The FDP auger features release concrete system and it’s available in different length.

KIMDRILL fabricate the displacement auger from 300mm to 600mm and drill rod with hex joint in required length. We also support the customization of displacement auger (FDP auger) such as pitch, type of teeth, thickness, length as clients requests.