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Cased bored piles/Full casing piles/Fully cased piles

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Cased bored piles/Full casing piles/Fully cased piles


Cased bored piles, also are referred to as full casing piles is effective method with many applications in foundation and civil engineering. By using the rotary drill rig or rotator to press down the casing underground, and removing the rock or soil by bucket/auger, rebar cage is lowered and then the concrete is poured to finish the pile construction. Casings play an important role in this method that can prevent the hole from collapsing. There are temporary casing and permanent casing. All of them serve the same purpose except that the permanent casing are retained in place, while temporary casing can be removed.


KIMDRILL fabricate a series of casing tools including casing connector, casing drive adaptor, casing tubes, casing shoes that have been applied to hundreds of deep foundation projects.

Double Wall casing tubes are the idea choice in the cased bored piles, especially for the complex soil conditions including rocks and boulder. We adopt high quality steel to manufacture the body with an outer wall thickness of 10-18mm and an inner wall thickness of 8-12mm varies with the casings size, making reinforcing bars between the inner and outer wall. In order to increase the strength, we adopt the ring casting alloy steel 25CrMo to produce the casing joint that all undergo heat treat and precisely machined. The casing joint can be connected by Bauer type bolts that manufactured from high-strength tempered steel.