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Cluster Hammer drills with DTH drill bit
Cluster Hammer drills with DTH drill bit
Cluster Hammer drills with DTH drill bit
Cluster Hammer drills with DTH drill bit

Cluster Hammer drills with DTH drill bit

Different name:Cluster drill, large diameter DTH, hard rock drilling
Main application:bridge foundation, construction, piles
Core specification parameters:down-to-the-hole, large diameter, cluster
Applications:Construction, Piling, deep drilling, bridge, gravel and soft rock drilling.
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Kimdrill cluster drills is capable of drilling the large diameter hole from 600mm to 3000mm (23” to 118”) in extremely hard rock formations. 

It consists of multiple DTH hammers and bits in one assembly. Each hammer designs with specially position to ensure even cutting across the hole and also to realize the most efficient and superior drilling performance. And it also fits with the quick bit change system which also enhance the drilling efficiency. 

The optional slag storage tank is installed on the top of the cluster drills to collect the cuttings during the drilling process. The RCD (reverse circulation drilling) is also available. 

Our cluster drills can be used on DTH drilling rig, Rotary drill rig and CFA rig. It can equipped with flanged joint, hex joint or kelly box. 

Our cluster drills is the most cost effective solution to drill large diameter holes in rock which meets the needs of bridge piers, secant wall drilling, ventilation drill, caissons & other foundation engineering. 


  • Drill large diameter holes with less DTH bits/hammers and air compressors; 

  • Equipped with quick change bit system allows bits to be replaced in the field; 

  • Manufactured to match well with the drilling machine of customers; 

  • Complete solution and accessories are available; 

  • Capable of drilling in various rock formation, even with hardness 250Mpa; 

  • Capable of drilling under water

Cluster DrillsModelDiameter(mm)No. of Sub-hammersWeight of hammers (Kg)Air consumptionApplication
Air pressure 1.0Mpa(m³)Air pressure 2.4Mpa(m³)Rotary drilling rigCFA rigReverse circulation drilling rigRotating pile frame
Place of Origin:Made in China
Model:Dia. 600mm to 3000mm
Usage:Bridge, Infrustruction, civil engineering
Certification:ISO 9001/ COC/PVOC
Minimum Order Quantity:1 set
Packaging Details:Case or pallet.
Delivery Time:15 working days
Competitive Advantage
  • Top quality raw material

  • With Heat-treatment and strict QC process

  • With rich experience of manufacturing and exporting


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cluster reamer

cluster hammer


1. What is a Cluster Hammer?

A Cluster Hammer is a specialized drilling tool used in construction and mining. It consists of multiple smaller hammers, grouped or 'clustered' together, to provide a concentrated and powerful drilling action.

2. How does a Cluster Hammer work?

The tool operates by combining the percussive force of several small hammers. These hammers strike simultaneously, delivering a high-impact force to break through hard rock or concrete.

3. What are the primary uses of a Cluster Hammer?

Cluster Hammers are typically used in large-scale construction projects for drilling through very hard materials, such as granite or reinforced concrete, often in foundation work, tunneling, or mining.

4. What are the advantages of using a Cluster Hammer?

Its main advantages include efficient drilling through extremely hard materials, reduced vibration compared to a single large hammer, and quicker drilling speeds.

5. How does a Cluster Hammer differ from a standard drilling hammer?

Unlike standard single hammers, a Cluster Hammer uses multiple small hammers working in unison, providing a more effective and efficient drilling action in tough conditions.

6. Can Cluster Hammers be used in all types of drilling rigs?

They are generally designed to be compatible with a variety of drilling rigs, but it's important to check compatibility based on the specific model and power requirements.

7. What sizes do Cluster Hammers come in?

Cluster Hammers are available in various sizes, tailored to different drilling requirements and rig capacities.

8. How is the performance of a Cluster Hammer measured?

Performance is typically measured by the speed of penetration, the smoothness of operation, and the durability of the hammer under continuous use.

9. What maintenance is required for Cluster Hammers?

Regular maintenance includes inspecting for wear and damage, ensuring proper lubrication of moving parts, and checking the hydraulic or pneumatic systems that power the hammers.

10. Are there specific safety precautions to consider when using a Cluster Hammer?

Safety precautions include ensuring secure attachment to the drilling rig, using appropriate personal protective equipment, and following operational guidelines to prevent accidents.

11. How does the use of a Cluster Hammer impact the overall drilling cost?

While the initial investment might be higher, the efficiency and speed of a Cluster Hammer can lead to lower overall project costs due to faster drilling times and potentially reduced labor costs.

12. Can the hammers in a Cluster Hammer be replaced individually?

Depending on the design, individual hammers within the cluster can be replaced, allowing for continued use of the tool without needing to replace the entire unit.