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Casing Connector for Rotary head of Drilling rig
Casing Connector for Rotary head of Drilling rig
Casing Connector for Rotary head of Drilling rig
Casing Connector for Rotary head of Drilling rig

Casing Connector for Rotary head of Drilling rig

Different name:Casing coupler, casing driver, casing connector
Main application:bored piles; casing, drilling rig
Core specification parameters:coulpler, Large diameter, casing pile
Applications:Drilling rig, Bored piling, Deep foundation engineering, bored piles, cassion, Drilled shafts, cast-in-drilled-hole piles, Civil engineering, Infrastructure, building, bridge, high-speed railway etc.
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A casing project by drilling rig would need the casing tools such as double wall casing tube or single wall casing tube, casing shoe, casing adaptor and casing connector, and also extra casing joint, casing screws and casing teeth as spare parts. 

We are offering casing tubes with double wall and single wall format, casing joint, casing shoes, casing drive adapter and other customized casing tools. 

Casing connector is the part to connect the rotary head with the casing adaptor. Some drilling rigs like Bauer BG series may not use the connectors as they have a special design, but most of the drilling rigs would apply the casing connector in projects. 

Matched with piling rigs:Mait, Leffer, Soilmec, Casagrande, IMT, MAIT, CMV, SANY, ZOOMLION, Jintai, XCMG 

Material: Steel


Designed according to the rotary head of the drilling rig.

Package and Delivery:

By Case or pallet. By sea.

Place of Origin:Made in China
Model:Dia. 600mm-3000mm
Certification:ISO 9001/ COC/PVOC
Minimum Order Quantity:1 set
Packaging Details:Case or pallet
Delivery Time:7 working days
Competitive Advantage
  • Top quality raw material

  • With Heat-treatment and strict QC process

  • With rich experience of manufacturing and exporting

  • Fitted with the rotary drilling rig in difference brands and models


casing joints

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1. What is a casing system in the context of construction and drilling?

A casing system refers to the components and techniques used to insert casing tubes into the ground during construction and drilling projects. It includes casing tubes, casing drives, casing shoes, and other related equipment.

2. What is a casing tube?

A casing tube is a large-diameter pipe used in drilling to support and stabilize the walls of the borehole. It prevents the borehole from collapsing and protects against ground water contamination.

3. How does a casing drive work?

A casing drive is a mechanism used to drive the casing tube into the ground. It applies force either directly to the casing or through a casing oscillator, enabling the tube to penetrate soil or rock layers.

4. What is a casing shoe and what is its purpose?

A casing shoe is a hardened steel piece attached to the bottom of a casing tube. It helps to cut through the soil or rock, making it easier to insert the casing into the ground.

5. Are there different types of casing systems for various ground conditions?

Yes, there are different types of casing systems designed for various ground conditions. The choice depends on factors like soil type, depth of the borehole, and the presence of groundwater.

6. How is the size of a casing tube determined for a project?

The size of the casing tube is determined by the borehole diameter, the depth of the drilling, and the structural requirements of the project.

7. Can casing systems be used in both vertical and horizontal drilling?

Our casing systems primarily used in vertical drilling.

8. How important is the casing system in ensuring the safety of drilling operations?

The casing system is crucial for the safety of drilling operations. It stabilizes the borehole, prevents collapses, and protects against groundwater contamination.

9. Are casing systems reusable or permanent?

Casing systems can be both reusable and permanent. Temporary casing is removed after construction, while permanent casing becomes part of the structure's foundation.

10. What maintenance is required for casing systems?

Maintenance mainly involves regular inspections for wear and damage, especially for reusable casing components, and ensuring proper storage and handling.

11. How does the choice of casing system impact the overall cost of a construction project?

The choice of casing system can significantly impact project costs. Factors include the type of system, the materials used, and the complexity of installation and removal operations.

12. Can casing systems be custom-made for specific projects?

Yes, casing systems can be custom-designed to meet the specific requirements of a project, such as unusual ground conditions or unique structural demands.